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The Icom D-Star radios only have the default official REF reflectors programmed into them. To add the XLX or XRF reflectors to the memory from the control head follow these steps. A video tutorial can be followed here

  1. Put the radio into the DR mode by pressing DR on the control head.
  2. Press the To field
  3. Press Your Call Sign
  4. Press Quick
  5. Press Add
  6. Press the Name field and give it a useful name. In this example we will name it Link to XLX863C.
  7. Press the Call Sign field and enter the reflector, module, and L so it will link XLX863CL
  8. Press Enter.
  9. Press Add Write.
  10. Press Yes.

Now to link to the reflector using the memory you just added use the following steps.

  1. In the DR mode press the To field.
  2. Press Your Call Sign
  3. Now find your Link to XLX863C memory and press it.
  4. It will return to the main screen. Now key your microphone to issue the link command.
  5. Your radio will now confirm the link.
  6. Press the To field again.
  7. Press Reflector
  8. Press Use Reflector and now you are ready to transmit on the XLX863C reflector.